Hundreds of banknotes have been used in Costa Rica throughout its 229 years of history. The From Paper Money to Banknotes in Costa Rica exhibition allows visitors to acquaint themselves with them and see them up close.

The exhibit includes samples ranging from the first types of paper money—such as promissory notes or payment orders—to banknotes issued in the last three centuries. Each one tells us how these means of payment fueled the commercial expansion of Costa Rica, how they marked the development of the national banking system, and in what ways they represented cultural ideas and political and economic aspirations.

As visitors tour the exhibition, they will discover the origin of the first banknotes in the world, the first bank in Costa Rica to issue banknotes, which banknotes were issued directly by the government, and the use they were given, as well as why they display such diverse and representative images. Collectors will be delighted to know that most of the banknotes in the exhibit are from a first issue, that is, they belong to the series 1 and, in some cases, are very rare.