About the exhibition

The relentless search for answers of Adrián Arguedas to the question of who we are led to engravings, paintings, sculptures, assemblages, and installations that remind us that we all are travelers subject to change, a result of the link with the others and apprentices. As of this inquiry, Arguedas shows in the exhibition, The Apprentice, a new, unknown facet of his creative process.

In this recent stage, Arguedas moves away from political, social, and religious interpretations that characterized his previous work, although keeping some of his last works’ references to explore human existence from an introspectional and intimate perspective. 

Since it is usual in the work of the artist, the works in this exhibition make emphasis in the existence of a hybrid, cultural background where some aspects of Amerindian worldviews coexist with some of colonial nature and others of contemporary order. Therefore, the references to iconography and ancestral symbolism coexist with expressive records pertaining to childhood, with icons of the consumer society and the entertainment industry, with religious imagery, and with popular tradition.

These appropriations take unexpected meaning in the technical and material exploration performed by Arguedas while remaining in engravings and paintings. He stretches the boundaries of his work through assemblages, wood and stone sculptures, and installations.

The exhibition aims at encouraging an immersive experience of the reflections and searches of the artist. It was meant as a great journey throughout a universe shaped by doubts, questions, rupture, exploration, mistakes, and findings inherent to any process. That is the journey of the apprentice.