The Research

Curated by Manuel Chacón and Rosa Elena Malavassi

July, 2012 – August, 2014

Government buildings, banks, churches, universities, adobe houses, and cities have all been featured in Costa Rican coins and banknotes from 1860 until the present.

The A+N, Architecture in Costa Rican Numismatics exhibit showed the importance of the efforts to recover Costa Rican architectural heritage present in coins, banknotes, and medals in raising awareness of its preservation and identifying the buildings represented in them, according to the historical context and the process of building a nation.

The Exhibition

Several banknote samples throughout the exhibition addressed the varying architectural styles of the buildings represented, such as the Colonial, Victorian, Neoclassical, Eclectic, and Modern movements. It also delved into the different types of architectural representations captured in them: cities, infrastructural elements, churches, public buildings, and banks.

A total of 29 architectural works and urban spaces were displayed in greater detail in this exhibition. The visitor was able to locate in a map (be it within or outside the city limits of San José) the building represented, or the location where it once stood, if it had already been demolished.