The Research

Curated by Rosa Perales Piqueres

January, 2015 – April, 2015

Dürer, Genius of the Renaissance included 70 engravings belonging to the Dal Bosco collection, one of the largest groups of engravings in Europe. It included prints by Dürer from 1496 to 1522, displaying techniques such as the woodcut, the burin, dry-point, and etching. Research on this important itinerant exhibition, which has already been on display in countries like Colombia and Chile, was headed by Rosa Perales Piqueres.

The Exhibition

 The tour was divided into several sections. It started with the section titled

First Dürer, with works such as The Madonna with the Monkey and Hercules Conquering Cacus , dated 1496 and 1498 respectively. It is in this period that the artist makes direct contact with humanism and the classical tradition, which leads to his first etchings.

The next section, titled His Technical Mastery, included works that show his command of ratio, perspective, and engraving techniques, followed by Three Memorable Works created by the artist in 1513-1514: Knight, Death and the Devil (1513), Melencolia I (1514) and Madonna  by the Wall (1514).

Dürer achieved his first etchings in 1515. The artist was also officially commissioned for works such as The Triumphal Carriage of Maximilian I (1518-1522). These works were part of the second to last section, titled Classicism and Official Commissions.

The exhibit displayed his Greatest Series in the last section, which showcased the group of works titled The Life of the Virgin (1503-1511) and some works from The Small Passion.