The Research

Curated by María José Monge

June, 2013 – August, 2013

Ruiz’s work was inspired by consistent workshop endeavors and personal experience of a revisionist and reflective nature into self-identity, which yielded varying approaches on family, others, and memory, as well as what is false and what is real.

Discourse between painting and photography is revealed in details such as the realistic handling of faces and hands, combined with how the attires and surroundings of the subjects portrayed are painted.


The Exhibition

 This exhibition was made up of five sections, which grouped objects from the artist’s six series. Sofía Ruiz’s unsettling portraits, featuring characters both real and of her own creation, stood out against black and white panels which recall the artist’s color palette.

Sofía Ruiz’s artistic proposal is magical, not because of the answers it provides, but the questions it brings forth from anybody observing her works. The latter led to several interpretive suggestions: the autobiographical, the technical, and the stylistic points of view.

About the artist

Sofía Ruiz (1982) is a young Costa Rican visual artist, whose short yet substantial career stands out due to its aplomb and perplexity.

Although Ruiz’s interest in visual arts goes back to her teenage years, she spent the first two years at the University of Costa Rica studying Chemical Engineering and Philosophy. She was admitted to the School of Plastic Arts of the University of Costa Rica in 2002 and graduated in 2008, specializing in Engraving and Painting.

She was also a workshop participant and artist-in-residence abroad, including stays at the Taller Internacional de Grabado “Transparencias múltiples” (“The Multiple Print” International Engraving Workshop) conducted by Argentinian engraver Alicia Candiani, part of 2007’s La joven estampa held in Habana, Cuba. She also spent the last three months of 2008 as artist-in-residence in the Experimental Printmaking Institute in Easton, Pennsylvania, USA. Two years later, she participated in the Taller de Intaglio workshop led by Graciella Buratti in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Her work, spanning over more than 30 collective 10 individual exhibitions, has been featured both in Costa Rica as well as abroad since 1999. Ruiz’s work has received various awards, among them the V edition of Valoarte (2007), first place in ICE’s II Biennial of painting and sculpture (2009), second place in the MYARTSPACE Art Scholarship (2009), the Áncora award (2011) and the Ora award (2012).


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