The Research

 Curated by María José Monge

June – October, 2014

Shady Game was a sample of Costa Rican artist José Miguel Rojas’ most significant works in his 30 years of artistic endeavors.

The artist’s work has earned him a place in Costa Rica art history due to the resolve, energy and forcefulness used in his images to spark a reaction from its audience. However, to date, no attempt to address his entire work has been made. This exhibit sought to remedy this situation, by approaching it in a cross-sectional, and not chronological way, to include the major social and existential issues that spur his work.

 The Exhibition

This exhibition was divided into three themes, groupingthe works according to common elements in terms of form and content.

The first, named Sin eco en otro cuerpo (No Echo in Another Body), comprised paintings that confront human beings with themselves and with one another. Portraits of couples, self-portraits, and images of pop culture icons come across as either conjoined or abandoned, and abused or loving.

The Face of Violence was made up of several dozens of set of works that showed visitors dozens  of victims and instigators of violence originating in the political, religious, economic and even cultural structures of power.

Lastly, another side of the artist was revealed in the theme titled The Subverted Image. In this part of the exhibition, familiar and unknown faces revealed Rojas’ exploration of image construction.