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Nature has been a source of inspiration, analysis, and ongoing reflection in artistic creation. Its systemic characteristic, its interactions, its interdependencies, and its self-regulation mechanisms have been decisive in the understanding of its dynamism and have nurtured an essential premise of the processes of artistic creation: The continuous transformation of existence.

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What is climate change?

We recommend this video to learn more about climate change:

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Initiative Directory

Connect with organizations and institutions working on climate change issues:

La Ruta del Clima

Costa Rican non-governmental organization (NGO) that advocates for the right of the public to participate in the climate governance process.

Learn more about their work here:


Climate Change Directorate

It belongs to the Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE).

it is the unit responsible for coordinating and managing public policy on climate change in Costa Rica.


Let's write a letter together

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Let's write a letter together

Made with Padlet

Carta para frenar el impacto
del cambio climático