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Life and death have been recurring themes in artistic creation. The uncertainty they cause has given rise to a reflection about the life cycles of learning and transformation.

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Adrián Arguedas - Iniciacion para cambio - BCCR-AV-0754
Adrián Arguedas - Barca - BCCR-AV-0833


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What elements are part of your rituals?
What meanings do they have?

We are ritual beings! Does that sound strange or unusual to you? Actually, rituals are symbolic actions that we use to bring about changes or to deal with them.

For example, celebrating our birthday or the New Year, praying in a temple, or lighting a candle so that someone does well in an exam... We would love to know about your rituals; share a maximum of three photos with the most significant ones in your life. Tell us why they are and have been so important.

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