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San José: Between Lines and Strokes

San José: Between Lines and Strokesis a selection of 17 works out of more than 200, from artists that accepted our invitation to share their point of views on San José. With the support of Urban Sketchers Costa Rica, we held an open call in February 2020 for those who wished to create and share their sketches of different parts of the capital. . 

In these works, we see perspectives and different representations of common spaces such as the National Theater, the Buenaventura Corrales School (known as the metallic building), the Correos de Costa Rica building, the Morazán Park, the Bella Vista Quarters, or the Soledad Church, among others. 

This is the third outdoors exhibition offered by the museum with the hopes of going beyond its doors and fostering reflection, curiosity, and enjoyment among San José’s passers-by on the stories held by Costa Rican cultural heritage, in this case, the capital city

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Take your tour of the exhibition and the capital cities represented in the works.

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