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Museo cerrado 25 de julio
S.J. Under Plaza de la Cultura. Between av 0 y 2, Street 5
Museo cerrado: 14 agosto
S.J. Under Plaza de la Cultura. Between av 0 y 2, Street 5

Welcome to Museos of Central Bank

Across the wealth of our collections, join us on a journey from the earliest to the most recent parts of our history to learn about the diversity of those who held and hold now a link with Costa Rica. By sharing the many aspects of where we came from and what we are part of today, we wish to generate close and insightful experiences on the human and material dimensions of our heritage that will motivate the search for well-being –today and in the future– in every person that visits us, and in them as part of the communities that surround us.

Information for the visit

Fees for Costa Rican citizens and residents

Regular Admission

 3.000 colones


1.000 colones

Fees for foreigners

Regular Admission

$16 o 10.880 colones


$12 o 8.160 colones


From Monday to Sunday

9:15 a.m. a 4:30 p.m.

Free children under 12 years of age, older adults, tourist guides, members of indigenous peoples, collaborators of the FMBCCR, BCCR and superintendencies as well as their relatives in the first degree of consanguinity (they must present themselves with the official and the BCCR card), members of ICOM, representatives of diplomatic corps and press (with credentials and by appointment requested previously to the [email protected])

Days Closing Days 1 de enero, del 28 al 31 de marzo en Semana Santa, 15 de abril, 1 de mayo, 25 de julio, 2 de agosto, 15 de agosto, 15 de setiembre, 1 de diciembre y del 24 al 27 de diciembre y 31 de diciembre.

*Entre noviembre y diciembre habrán dos días de cierre por el mantenimiento a la subestación eléctrica del edificio. Se estarán informando en el debido momento

Visit resources

Map of the building

The museum is located in a three-floor subterranean building. They hold the main exhibition halls and temporary exhibition rooms. Download this map to help you find in your tour the different exhibitions and other service areas for our visitors.

Self-guided Tour

This guide accompanies and guides your tour throughout the exhibition, providing information about the contents that you will find in the room such as maps, recommendations of must-sees, and reflections or questions to connect with your own reality.

Visitor services

Recorridos guiados para grupos

El Museo ofrece a sus visitantes el servicio de visitas guiadas para grupos en español o inglés con personal especializado. Puede escribir al correo [email protected] para solicitar los precios y consultar sobre la disponibilidad de guías para el día que requiera el servicio. Adicionalmente, nuestro Departamento de Educación brinda el servicio de recorridos a grupos de estudiantes, para solicitarlas pueden llamar al 2243 4224 o escribir al correo electrónico [email protected]

Student group

Corporate or tourist groups



Frequently asked questions:


Guidelines for the visit






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