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Museo abierto
S.J. Under Plaza de la Cultura. Between av 0 y 2, Street 5
Museo abierto
S.J. Under Plaza de la Cultura. Between av 0 y 2, Street 5

Welcome to Museos of Central Bank

Across the wealth of our collections, join us on a journey from the earliest to the most recent parts of our history to learn about the diversity of those who held and hold now a link with Costa Rica. By sharing the many aspects of where we came from and what we are part of today, we wish to generate close and insightful experiences on the human and material dimensions of our heritage that will motivate the search for well-being –today and in the future– in every person that visits us, and in them as part of the communities that surround us.

Map of the building

The museum is located in a three-floor subterranean building. They hold the main exhibition halls and temporary exhibition rooms. Download this map to help you find in your tour the different exhibitions and other service areas for our visitors.

Self-guided Tour

This guide accompanies and guides your tour throughout the exhibition, providing information about the contents that you will find in the room such as maps, recommendations of must-sees, and reflections or questions to connect with your own reality.

Information for the visit

Fees for Costa Rican citizens and residents

Regular Admission

 3.000 colones


1.000 colones

Fees for foreigners

Regular Admission

$16 o 10.880 colones


$12 o 8.160 colones


From Monday to Sunday

9:15 a.m. a 4:30 p.m.

Días de cierre 2023

1 de enero, del 6 al 9 de abril en Semana Santa, 10 de abril, 1 de mayo, 24 de julio, 2 de agosto, 14 de agosto, 3 de setiembre,  15 de setiembre, 1 de diciembre, 24, 25, 26 y 31 de diciembre.

*El mantenimiento a la subestación eléctrica del edificio implica el cierre del museo durante 1 día. Estas fechas se definen en agosto 2022. 

Visit resources

Visitor services

Apoyo de guías de sala

Queremos que su visita sea una gran experiencia. A lo largo del recorrido por las diferentes salas del museo, se encontrará con nuestro equipo de mediadores de sala, quienes le brindarán información práctica y detallada sobre el edificio, las exhibiciones abiertas, los servicios de los museos y contenidos relacionados con nuestras colecciones. 

Guided Group Tours

Even though this service is temporarily suspended as part of the sanitary measures to reduce the risk of contagion of COVID-19, the museum usually offers its visitors a defined schedule for guided tours, in Spanish or in English, with specialized personnel. Reservations are not required, but visitors should inform the ticketing staff of their interest to join a guided tour. We hope to reinstate this service in the second trimester of 2021. Should you require further details, please write to us at info@museosdelbancocentral.org. info@museosdelbancocentral.org

Additionally, our Education Department provides the service of guided tours for students(temporarily suspended too),and a group of trained guides can provide the service for corporate or tourist groups.

Student group

Corporate or tourist groups

Health Measures to Reduce the Risk of Spreading COVID -19

We are limiting the number of visitors inside the rooms to 50% of our capacity. This means that we will only be able to accommodate 150 people in the entire museum area simultaneously

  • Following the guidelines of the health authorities, we offer you the possibility to buy your ticket online. boleteria.museosdelbancocentral.orgIf you are not able to do so by this means, you may call 2243 4223 for purchase process support.
  • Es obligatorio que todas las personas que ingresen al Museo se laven las manos en los baños ubicados en la entrada.
  • We will remind you through our signs of the way to wash your hands, sneeze, or cough correctly.
  • People with symptoms such as fever, cough, or shortness of breath will not be admitted. To comply with it, our security officers will monitor your body temperature.
  • We ask you to keep a 2-meter distance in case there is a line when entering the museum, when touring the exhibition halls, in rest areas, or in the audiovisual rooms.
  • We remind you that the use of a face covering is mandatory to enter the museum.
  • Cuando visite el museo, por favor utilice bolsos de mano pequeños para reducir al máximo el uso del área del guardarropía.
  • Las estaciones táctiles que implican un alto nivel de manipulación se han clausurado temporalmente, y las que implican un nivel medio de manipulación se modificaron para reducir el contacto con la mismas. Gracias por su comprensión.

  • In 2018, our air conditioning system was changed to a more efficient one. We will ensure its quarterly maintenance according to the technical specifications of the equipment.
  • Velamos por el funcionamiento adecuado y continuo de nuestros sistemas de suministro de aire exterior, los cuales se encargan de filtrarlo e inyectarlo constantemente en todos los recintos del edificio.
  • Our visitor attendance, maintenance, education, and museum shop personnel will have the necessary tools to welcome, offer our services, and attend to any inquiries. They are requested to wear face coverings and / or gloves if handling money.
  • Los protocolos de limpieza en salas y oficinas se han intensificado en términos de profundidad y frecuencia para desinfectar las superficies de mayor contacto como pisos, pasamanos, botoneras, pomos de puertas, brazos, asientos, vitrinas, vidrios, pantallas interactivas.
  • The cleaning implements recommended by the health authorities will be used to carry out the protocols.
  • Trash cans with lids will be placed in all common areas.



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Guidelines for the visit






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