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Museo cerrado 25 de julio
S.J. Under Plaza de la Cultura. Between av 0 y 2, Street 5
Museo cerrado: 14 agosto
S.J. Under Plaza de la Cultura. Between av 0 y 2, Street 5

Nuestro Departamento de Educación busca provocar experiencias de aprendizaje significativas y memorables en los públicos que visitan los museos.

Building experiences and emotions

Its work focuses on the development of programs, resources, and educational activities that allow visitors to get a closer look at the different exhibitions and the research that support them. Through its educational programs, they aim to promote questioning, and to encourage the development of critical and creative thinking of those touring the exhibitions. It also creates spaces to exchange ideas, foster learning, and to create connections with the current reality.

Museums wherever you may be

At the Education Department of the Museums of the Central Bank, we designed a constant offer of leisure and educational activities that were based on the archaeology, numismatics, and visual arts exhibitions, as well as on the building that houses the museums.  Our activities seek to bring you closer to our history, to discussions about our identity, and to other people with similar interests; we create cross-generational, inclusive spaces in all kinds of online and in-person formats. Among them, you will find conferences, round tables, workshops, experimentation activities, get-togethers with the curators, artists, and researchers of many areas of knowledge, as well as projections of audiovisuals.

Every month, you can find here the list of activities planned for a diverse audience: youngsters, families, children, and adults.

Online activities for our audiences

Visit resources

We conceive the museum as a space for learning, discovery, and reflection, and for generating connections between the past and the present; children, young people, and adults dialogue with our collections and enrich their contents based on their own questions, experiences, and knowledge. Feel free to use these resources. Make an adventure full of discovery out of your visit

Educational Resources for the Classroom

Our Museums are spaces in which topics of elementary, secondary, and higher education can be creatively integrated with the contents associated to our temporary and permanent collections. These options include a variety of theme cards, educational kits, and virtual tours that allow the educator to generate different learning dynamics through questions and activities for students to connect what they see to their own knowledge and everyday experiences.

Resources for Communities

For those audiences who live in communities far from our facilities, we created resources that travel to any place in the country to spread the knowledge about our numismatic, archaeological, and artistic heritage. The loan system is quite simple. Email us at [email protected]

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