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Museo abierto
S.J. Under Plaza de la Cultura. Between av 0 y 2, Street 5
Museo cerrado: 14 agosto
S.J. Under Plaza de la Cultura. Between av 0 y 2, Street 5

Frequently asked questions, accessibility and inquiries

Frequently asked questions:

The Museum is located in the heart of the capital of Costa Rica: San José. It is found between Central and Second Avenue and the entrance is on 5th Street. It is a subterranean building, its roof is the Plaza de la Cultura, an iconic space for Costa Ricans. You may ask about the Plaza if you are unable to find the museum. Our museum is lodged in only one building, even if our name (Museums of the Central Bank) may lead to the idea that it is distributed among several buildings. The three sub-levels of the building house the exhibition halls for the Museum of Pre-Columbian Gold, the Numismatics Museum, and our temporary exhibition rooms.

Yes, we do. However, due to the pandemic, they have temporarily been suspended. Normally, we have a defined schedule of guided tours in English and in Spanish, with no extra cost than that of the general admission. For groups of students, visits must be coordinated with our Education Department [email protected] For corporate and tourist groups, we also have a guided tour service. Please contact us for more details by writing to [email protected] [email protected]

Those who wish to capture their experience in the museum must take into account the following:

  • Flash photography is not allowed.
  • Videos are not allowed.
  • Tripods are not allowed.
  • Photographs of the vault doors or security systems are not allowed.

Nevertheless, if a group of photography students wish to have one of their course practices in the museum, a special permit for the use of a tripod can be provided for certain areas of the museum.

The Museum of Pre-Columbian Gold and the Numismatics Museum are permanently open, for they are our main exhibitions. In the section called “Exhibitions”, you make check which temporary exhibits are available. Generally, these stay open from 4 to 10 months each.

We recommend consulting collectors dedicated to the sale or exchange of numismatics. The museum does not carry out evaluations of numismatic objects.

We like to learn from others and also show what we do to students and museum enthusiasts. Please write to us at [email protected], [email protected] detailing the area where you feel you might contribute as an intern or a volunteer, your curriculum vitae, time availability or the hours you need to complete if it is for an academic requirement, and your contact information. If your area of expertise is in design, please attach your design portfolio


The Museums have elevators, ramps, platforms, and restrooms that are specially adapted for the use of people with disabilities. The Museum will provide visitors with free wheelchairs upon request. Vehicles for people with disabilities can access directly to the main door of the museum, prior arrangement at +(506) 2243-4221.


inquiry or suggestions

Here, you can make your queries or suggestions related to the exhibitions, collections, or services offered by the museum. Your feedback is very important to us, we will reply soon.

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