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Museo cerrado 25 de julio
S.J. Under Plaza de la Cultura. Between av 0 y 2, Street 5
Museo cerrado: 14 agosto
S.J. Under Plaza de la Cultura. Between av 0 y 2, Street 5

  La segunda entrega de la trilogía de exhibiciones Reimaginar, nos aproxima a diferentes nociones de la frontera en medio de la pandemia.

The twenty-seven lectures presented at the "Artistic Creation in the 1970s" congress allow us to raise the visibility of the artistic work that emerged at that time in our country.

The journey, the ritual, apprenticeship, and human ties are some of the key themes that bring us closer to the work of Costa Rican artist, Adrián Arguedas, and his quest to answer the question of who we are.

The Seventies was one of the richest periods of the Visual Arts in Costa Rica. Learn more about this decade, and the artistic positions and manifestations that emerged in this publication.

Reimagining the Community" arises from the need to address the transformations that came to light with the pandemic. Some of them have been experimented collectively, while others privately, both locally and nationally.

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