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The Vibrant Thread


The convictions and life beliefs of 20 Costa Rican artists are interwoven with their creative processes in the form of rituals of transformation, healing, expression and connection with the universe. The visual arts exhibition, The Vibrant Threadinvites you to discover and experience their artistic processes and creations.

The exhibition gathers a collection of pieces that rekindle the connection between ritual and art that has existed since the dawn of civilization. This is done in several ways: sometimes quietly, throughout the works' symbolism and expressive resources; at other times, through their referents or because they are an essential component of ritualized creative processes; and other times, through the type of experiences they elicit. A printed publication that will go along with the exhibition includes a discussion of the works in relation to the concept of rituality.

These works, which come in a wide range of formats, serve as the strands of a large vibrant thread that aims to stimulate our ability to forge resonant connections with our environment, with others, and with ourselves. Starting at the Plaza de la Cultura, passing through the second sub- level of the Museum and reaching the third, The Vibrating Thread is a journey that invites us to pause, to empathize with the history of the artists and to discover the rituals of everyday life on both an individual and a collective level. The Vibrant Thread, es un recorrido que invita a hacer una pausa, a empatizar con la historia de los artistas y a descubrir lo ritual en la cotidianidad tanto a nivel individual como colectivo.

38 installations, sculptures, paintings, video performances, and other visual genres are included in the exhibition. All the works are being exhibited for the first time at the Central Bank Museums, and some were even created for this event. videoperformances, entre otros formatos visuales. Todas las obras se exhiben por primera vez en los Museos del Banco Central, e incluso, algunas fueron creadas para la exhibición.

Artists in the exhibition: Adrián Arguedas, Alessandra Sequeira, Aquiles Jiménez, Dino Urpí, Elia Arce, Emma Segura, Giorgio Timms, Javier Calvo, José Díaz, Karla Solano, Lucía Madriz, Luis Fernando Quirós, Marton Robinson, Mimian Hsu, Rafael Ottón Solís, Roberto Guerrero, Priscilla Monge, Priscilla Romero, Tamara Ávalos, Victoria Cabezas.


Some of the artworks in this exhibition share a concern with regard to being a part of a greater cosmic order. Based on this premise, these works serve as conduits to honor, propitiate, thank, and reciprocate with the many realms of existence that are closely tied to earth and nature.


Obra- Elsilencio- ros
Obra- Elsilencio- ros

The staging of the ritual is emphasized in all the works featured in this section. They highlight the importance that space, time and the body have in the performance of games, processions or festivities. Such is the case in Adrián Arguedas’ piece Después de la lluvia (After the Rain) and in the photographs by José Díaz, Giorgio Timms and Victoria Cabezas that have taken pictures of some existing rituals in Costa Rica.

Obras de Victoria Cabezas y José Díaz
Obras de Victoria Cabezas y José Díaz


The artworks in the next section of the exhibition use ritual signs of liberation, transformation, and healing to confront violence. The artists' bodies are the protagonists in the video performances, video works, and documentary images of performances on display here.

Obra DIS de Javier Calvo
Obra DIS de Javier Calvo

In some artistic practices, the body is seen as a microcosm in transformation, capable of channeling and propitiating processes of growth on an individual and collective scale. These types of creative experiences are brought together in the last section of the exhibition.

Obra Memorias del Cuerpo de Alessandra Sequeira
Obra Memorias del Cuerpo de Alessandra Sequeira
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Visit the exhibit Monday through Sunday from 9:15 a.m. at 5 p.m. Buy your tickets online or at the museum box office.

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